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SilverCreek Development has been serving the Soil & Water Conservation Districts in northeastern Ohio for over eight years. The Urban Site Program was originally designed to assist Soil and Water Conservation Districts in tracking Construction Site Plan Reviews and Site Inspections. By 2003, the Ohio EPA NPDES Phase 2 program was in full swing and the Urban Site Program was able to help Districts meet the requirements of the construction site tracking requirements of the Ohio EPA’s NPDES Phase 2 MS4 General Permit.

The Urban Site Program has recently been enhanced to meet and conform to the EPA’s Post-Construction Best Management Practices requirements for tracking storm water controls. The Program can help meet the tracking requirements of NPDES Phase 2 Storm Water Permit Requirements including Minimum Control Measure 4- Construction Site Storm Water Runoff Control and Minimum Control Measure 5 – Post-Construction Storm Water Management in New Development and Redevelopment. The program is a relational database application that tracks Active site construction, Archived sites and Post-Construction Best Management Practices sites.

Features for each site include:

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